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  • Can I choose another delivery option ?
    Yes, just contact me via email or Instagram @art_lizabet; I will create a custom order
  • How long the shipping will take?
    In US 4-12 days Outside of US 7-30 days. Sometimes it can take 2 months, depending on customs. NOTE: If you order apparel, It can arrive separately. Something can arrive faster and something later, because 3rd party is producing and shipping apparel and some things are coming from EU. For example, I ordered a tote bag from EU to US and it arrived in 30 days, but T-shirt and hoodie from the same company arrived in 5 days
  • I can't choose my country for delivery
    If your country is not listed on the shipping list, it means the cost is greater than $30. If you still want to pay $30+ for shipping, please contact me via email or Instagram
  • Can I get my order in 1-3 days?
    Yes, I can send an order with express shipping, but the price of shipping will depend on your location. Expect to pay $50+ for this service.
  • Can I make a custom order?
    Yes. Just text me on Instagram @art_lizabet or and we can discuss the details.
  • Can I tip you ?
    Yes :) you can PayPal me or there is a "donate" button on the Home page, if you scroll till the end. paypal/cashapp:
  • Return policy
    If your item is damaged, please send me a picture and your order number, so I can issue a return or a replacement If you no longer want your item, you can return it within 7 days. As soon as I receive the item back and it is not damaged, I will issue a return
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