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Ink, 13x19 inches print

Premium glossy photo paper


Cafe Terrace at Night is one of the first paintings that Van Gogh made when he came to Arles. The café in Arles still exists today and is renamed the Cafe Van Gogh. It is a major tourist attraction for Van Gogh fans.

This painting is one of the most recognized and quoted artworks. Its popularity rivals with Van Gogh’s iconic Sunflowers and Starry Night paintings.

Van Gogh set up his easel outdoors and in the evening hours to paint this scene. This was a practice that he picked up from the impressionists in Paris. However, he did not paint the scene as he observed it but rather used color and brushwork to express his emotions. In this painting, Van Gogh portrays excitement and pleasure.

Interestingly, Van Gogh never signed this painting. However, art historians know that he painted this canvas from numerous letters that he wrote to his family members about this art piece.

Cafe Terrace at Night is hanging on the walls of the Kröller-Muller Museum in the Netherlands.

Cafe Terrace at Night print 13x19"

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