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Pufferfish family in its disappearing habitat.
Alarmed mama fish ( showing spikes and getting red) with 4 baby fish, facing extinction. If corals disappear, they are next.
In the Background, you can see half healthy and half bleached corals and black oil

Black color is linked with death and
In Latin, the word for “black”, is associated with cruelty and evil.

I dedicated this piece to the ocean problem:

coral reefs are extremely vulnerable to human activity and rapidly changing conditions. Stressors such as overfishing, pollution and unsustainable tourism practices are some of the threats that our coral reefs face today.
Compounding these is the growing threat of climate change and rising ocean temperatures. This can lead to coral bleaching, which is a very big problem (just look at the Great Barrier Reef). Coral bleaching happens as a result of these changes in temperature, nutrient and mineral levels in the water. These conditions are bad news for the tiny algae that live within the coral. Incidentally, it’s these algae that give the coral their amazing colour (as well as their main source of food). When stressed, they’re forced to abandon their coral host, leaving the reef bleached white. Not so pretty. If the algae does not return to its coral host within a short period of time, the coral will be left without its main food source and, so, won’t survive. 

-25% of marine life would lose their habitat
-Coastal fishing industries would collapse
-Coastal tourism economies would shrink
-No natural buffer against powerful waves
-Medical breakthroughs would grind to a halt 
-There’d be less oxygen 

We all have the power in the choices we make to flip the script on coral reef damage. Whether it’s arranging a beach cleanup, cutting down on your plastic consumption,diving with a Green Fins member or sharing your support for the ICRI Recommendation that coral reefs must be prioritised in the Convention on Biological Diversity’s (CBD) post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF).

Extinction 13x19" Print

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