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Title: "Market"

Artist's Name: YD 

Medium: Ink, Paper
Completion date: September 1, 2021
Size and Dimensions:  " W x  " L

Style: Traditional, secession, op art

Availability: Available

Signed: Yes
Framed: Yes


Description: This art blends history and contemporary expression, drawing from "A Meat Stall with the Holy Family Giving Alms." The transformed window in bold black-and-white ink infuses Op Art and Secession styles. At first glance, it immerses viewers in a bustling urban scene, revealing intricate details upon closer inspection. Figures outside represent diverse human experiences: brisk walkers, relaxed strollers, a parent and child symbolizing life's continuity, and shared laughter. Contextualized in artist's personal journey, relocating to Tampa amid challenges, it mirrors the human condition—observing apparent success while confronting stagnation and isolation. This art transcends personal struggles into captivating creations.


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