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Title: "I made it to a different country with no parents around!"

Artist's Name: YD 

Medium: Ink, Paper
Completion date: April 19, 2021
Size and Dimensions: 11 " W x 14" L

Style: Traditional, secession, op art

Availability: Available

Signed: Yes
Framed: No

Defects: wrinkled top right corner

Description: In "Pain," the artist takes us on a deeply personal journey through the realms of emotion and symbolism. At its heart, this artwork features a haunting and enigmatic skull adorned with horns. This symbol of mortality and power is not merely a passive subject but a profound vessel for a story of transformation.


Central to this composition is the visceral act that unfolds—a skull, symbolizing vulnerability and fragility, is subjected to relentless piercing and stabbing by a collection of gleaming knives. This act unveils a narrative born from the artist's own life experience. The skull, as an emblem of human mortality, reminds us of our impermanence and the ceaseless passage of time. The knives represent the trials, challenges, and hardships that life presents, and the artist's personal turmoil.


At a pivotal moment in her life, the artist moved to Italy, a foreign land, devoid of friends, with both a life crisis and an artistic crisis. The act of piercing the skull becomes a reflection of the artist's own journey—a means to confront and transcend their inner demons.


This artwork is not just a visual narrative; it is an embodiment of the artist's personal journey—a journey that invites viewers to explore the complexities of the human condition, offering an opportunity for introspection, healing, and transformation.


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