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Paper, ink


Since I moved to the U.S. , i live near a small forest without any houses around. I go for a walk almost every day, staying in the middle of the vast field or surrounded by the forest… it’s so calming, every day I see wild turkeys, colorful birds, squirrels and sometimes turtles - it’s so inspiring, so I wanted to depict the calmness of this environment.

However, It’s the perfect living in the middle of nowhere: everything is far away, nothing to do and sometimes scary 😟 there’s either so many nature noises and sounds or you can’t hear anything and it’s even more scary. So, I would still choose living in the big city. I can buy anything there, nice public transport, beautiful buildings, nice espresso in the morning any concert/event you want almost every day (I take Warsaw as a reference, tho it still has some flaws)

"Oaks at night" 13x19" print

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